What our Youth Ministry Is about

The youth ministry at Canyon Country Church is designed to equip our students with answers about their faith in order to help them live a Christian life in an increasingly post Christian culture. How do we do that? By making our youth ministries a priority creating an environment that encourages our students to ask the hard questions about their faith and to communicate legitimate doubt they may have. We begin to answer these questions through the study of God’s Word and Christian apologetics. In Daniel 3:1-30, we read the story of three Hebrew youth that stood in a culture that was bowing down but even though they faced persecution they stood and did not waver from the truth. We wish to enable our students to stand on the unchanging Word of God in an ever changing world. We put emphasis on raising up student leaders and training them to live missional lives by putting self second. We do this by being a place to connect with friends for support and encouragement and by serving in our church and community. We learn that we make a difference simply by showing the love of Jesus to others. Matthew 10:39 says that to find our life we must first lose it. 

Looking for help answering your questions about Faith, The Bible, Jesus, your purpose, or life in general?  Join us at Youth.


Who can attend youth?

 any student in grades 7 to 12 we meet on Wednesday nights at 6:30 so come and bring a friend. 


Know whats going on at Youth 

check out or Facebook page to keep up to date with our current series and events